Automotive plant paint shops suffer from overspray paint on dollies, skids & floor grates which can become detached & contaminate newly coated vehicle body shells, leading to expensive manual rework. An immaculate vehicle paint finish is only possible if the paint shop is contaminate-free & water jetting achieves that.

Strip paint from jigs & hangers used in any paint shop

Paint shop floor grids are generally cleaned outside of production hours using push along floor cleaners which contain the water & debris. Hand held jetting guns are used to clean smaller, intricate areas.

To clean dollies & skids on-line, without disrupting production, water jet nozzles can be attached to robots for automatic cleaning. Frequency of cleaning, type of paint etc. will determine what pressure is used, but typically between 900-2750bar.

Water jetting can also be used to strip paint from jigs & hangers used in any paint shop.

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Benefits of Water Jetting

  • Dust free
  • Minimal waste disposal
  • Environmentally friendly, no smoke, fumes or chemicals
  • No distortion of dollies/skids unlike with pyrolysis
  • No need to remove dollies, skids or hangers from site for cleaning, they can be cleaned online without disrupting production
  • No contamination of surrounding sensitive rotating equipment
  • Does not profile steel so does not provide a key for paint to stick to
  • Minimal water consumption
  • The pump is versatile & can be used for other cleaning & cutting applications