Drill Pipe Cleaning

Drill pipes/tubulars require regular non-destructive testing (NDT) to prove their integrity. Water jetting at 1000bar (14,500psi) is the preferred method for cleaning prior to inspection. Corrosion, wax & cement products can be removed in a single pass, even if the pipe is completely blocked.

At 1000bar the water jet removes scale & blockages with ease

Typically the drill pipe is loaded onto rollers that rotate the pipe while high pressure rotating nozzles are fed into the pipe on a rigid lance & along the outside. If a single HPS2200 pump is used, a diverter valve is used to switch pump flow between the inside & outside nozzles.

On a twin pump system it is possible to clean inside & outside simultaneously in almost half the time. The pump(s) can be driven by a diesel engine making it mobile or driven by an electric motor for low maintenance, fixed installations.

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Benefits of Water Jetting

  • A range of pipe diameters can be cleaned
  • Any deposit can be removed e.g. scale, corrosion, process deposits & even cement
  • The jetting process flushes debris back to the open ended pipe
  • Totally blocked pipes can be cleared
  • Steel pipe can be cleaned to white metal if 2000-3000bar is used
  • Water jets will not damage or roughen the pipe surface
  • The pump is versatile & can be used for other cleaning/cutting or pressure testing applications