Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Heat exchangers used in industry are prone to scaling & blocking which drastically reduces heat transfer & efficiency of the process. High pressure water jetting is the fastest & most efficient method of cleaning internally & externally. At 1000bar the water jet removes scale & blockages with ease, leaving a polished finished on the inside wall of the tube thus slowing down future scale build up.

At 1000bar the water jet removes scale & blockages with ease

Each lance will pass 30-40lpm at 1000bar. The smaller pumps are generally used with a single lance & foot operated control valve to control pressure on/off. The lance could be hand held but Hughes Pumps recommend a 1-LTC which takes the lance out of the operators hands for increased safety.

As pump size/ flow increase as can the quantity of lances, up to the 5 lance bundle blaster for maximum productivity, automation & safety.

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Benefits of Water Jetting

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Faster than any other cleaning method
  • More thorough than any other cleaning method
  • No mechanical damage to the tubes
  • Leaves a polished finish
  • Only uses water, no chemicals to dispose of
  • Heat exchangers can be cleaned in-situ or taken to a cleaning bay for shutdown maintenance
  • Fully automated systems available for maximum safety & productivity
  • Flexible lances can negotiate a U bend
  • The pump is versatile & can be used for other cleaning applications in the plant e.g. pipe cleaning, tank cleaning etc.