Hydrodemolition (also referred to as concrete cutting) is a process of using a water jet at 1000 to 1400bar (14,500 to 20,000psi) to remove loose, deteriorated & damaged concrete from road bridges & other concrete structures & to expose steel reinforcing bars for inspection.

Higher flowrate increases reaction force so the cutting nozzle needs to be constrained

Many jobs are carried out using a hand held jetting gun. In these circumstances the reaction force created by the water jet should not exceed 250 Newton's (25kgf) to ensure the operator can work in a safe manner e.g. 35lpm at 1400bar.

Higher flowrate increases reaction force so the cutting nozzle needs to be constrained. At 120lpm at 1000bar it is common to use a gimbal device to connect the jetting gun to. For maximum productivity the HPS5000 pump with a performance of 200lpm at 1000bar is coupled to a hydrodemolition robot.

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Benefits of Water Jetting

  • Leaves a sound surface ready for repair
  • Good quality concrete is unaffected
  • No micro cracks which pneumatic hammers cause
  • Vibration to the surrounding structure eliminated
  • Faster than any other process
  • Steel reinforcing bars do not get damaged but are blasted by the water jet & concrete particles to descale them
  • Depth of cut is controllable
  • Robots keep the operator away from the water jet
  • Robots are programmable to provide accurate, consistent results
  • Can be used to clean & roughen (scabble) concrete surfaces
  • The pump is versatile & can be used for other cleaning & cutting applications