Hughes Pumps’ new HP170 Pump takes the market by storm
23th November 2018


Hughes Pumps' all new HP170 pump that's taking the market by storm with its array of innovative features designed to deliver truly exceptional performance and reliability, is being unveiled at a number of major exhibitions across the World.

Leading UK high pressure pump manufacturer Hughes Pumps’ 170kW (228hp) rated pump delivers some really eye-catching performances of 32lpm at 3000bar (8gpm at 43,500psi) and 487lpm at 200bar (129gpm at 2,900psi). 

The HP170 is packed with new features that are designed to deliver truly exceptional performance and reliability in a wide range of heavy-duty cleaning and surface preparation applications, including; 

  • Vertical or horizontal build 
  • SG iron crankcase with integral oil pressure lubrication, filtration and cooling 
  • Hardened alloy steel crankshaft with twin, heavy duty roller bearings 
  • Thick wall shell bearings and serviceable small end bearings  
  • Double helical drive shaft for zero thrust and high power transmission 
  • HP and UHP pumpheads are modular, allowing fast, easy maintenance on individual cylinders 
  • HP and UHP plungers have a flexible mounting arrangement for exceptional seal life 
  • Cast Duplex stainless steel HV pumphead with low velocity, separate inlet and outlet valve assemblies for use with seawater or dirty water 
  • ATEX compliant 

The HP170‘s all new power-end combined with an integral gearbox has been designed to be extremely robust and easy to maintain, with the pump suitable for either vertical or horizontal mounting. The unique Hughes’ SAE engine adaptor allows the pump to be mounted direct to an engine flywheel housing. The all new 1500bar (21,750psi) pumphead, based on the well proven Ultrabar modular design, allows maintenance on individual cylinders - an extremely simple design that is easy to maintain.