Hughes Pumps’ raises the bar in HP water jetting technology
22nd January 2019


The latest, all new HP170 DRT(4) – 3000bar road trailer mounted water jetting unit from leading UK high pressure pump manufacturer Hughes Pumps, delivers high performance in a very compact package. Hughes Pumps’ robust design and use of lightweight construction techniques ensures impressive performance, energy efficiency, and low lifetime ownership costs. 

The Hughes Pumps’ HP170 DRT(4) – 3000bar is packed full of features
Performance is 28.6lpm at 3000bar (7.5gpm at 43,500psi). When packaged with a high powered, six cylinder engine this performance increases to 32lpm at 3000bar (8.5gpm at 43,500psi).


The unit’s Tier 4 Perkins engine and HP170 pump are housed in a very compact, fully enclosed trailer. Doors and panels are manufactured from aluminium, its water and fuel tank manufactured from thick wall plastic, which eliminates corrosion and reduces weight. The unit’s dimensions are 3.8m (150”) long x 1.9m (75”) wide x 2.1m (83”) high, 2,550kg (5,610 lb) with diesel fuel and Adblue.

The HP170‘s all new power-end, combined with an integral gearbox, has been designed to be extremely robust and easy to maintain. The pump is suitable for either vertical or horizontal mounting, with the unique Hughes’ SAE engine adaptor allowing the pump to be mounted directly to an engine flywheel housing. The all new 1500bar (21,750psi) pumphead, based on the well-proven Ultrabar modular design, allows maintenance to be carried out on individual cylinders. This uses an extremely simple design that is easy to maintain. The unit’s pump can quickly be converted to; 47lpm at 1400bar (12.4gpm at 20,000psi) (plunger change only) or 66lpm at 1035bar (17.5gpm at 15,000psi).