Water jetting is widely used in the ship repair & marine industries. 300bar is used to remove marine growth & salt deposits prior to grit blasting. Larger pumps can be specified to allow multiple jetting guns to be used simultaneously.

2750bar (UHP) will remove all coatings & corrosion back to white metal

700-1000bar will remove loose coatings & corrosion, leaving sound coatings intact, ready for repainting if total coating removal is not required. It is often said that if 1000bar does not remove the coating then it is sound enough to paint over.

2750bar (UHP) will remove all coatings & corrosion back to white metal. Marine paint manufacturers have developed paints to apply to hydro-blasted surfaces & actively promote this method as it removes all chlorides & provides the best possible surface for recoating.

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Benefits of Water Jetting

  • Dust free allowing other trades to work in the vicinity
  • Minimal waste disposal, 98% less than grit blasting
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No contamination of sensitive rotating equipment
  • Removes all chlorides from substrate leaving a perfect surface for new paint
  • Unlike grit blasting does not profile steel so does not trap chloride contaminants in the substrate
  • Minimal water consumption, most of which evaporates when using UHP
  • Reduces time during dry-docking
  • Sheeting not required
  • Can be used in wet & windy conditions
  • The pump is versatile & can be used for other cleaning & cutting applications