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Surface cleaning

From general cleaning at 350bar (5,000psi) to stripping coatings & corrosion at 2800bar (40,000psi). Can also be carried out subsea.

Heat exchanger & pipe cleaning

Clean/unblock any size tube, heat exchanger, pipe or drill pipe. Typically carried out at 1000bar (14,500psi) but up to 2800bar (40,000psi).

Tank & vessel cleaning

Non-man entry by using a 3D tank cleaning head to achieve total surface coverage over a full cleaning cycle.


A water jet at 1000 to 1400bar (14,500 to 20,000psi) will break out deteriorated concrete vibration free without damaging steel reinforcing bars.

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Abrasive/Cold cutting

When a small amount of abrasive is mixed with a 2800bar (40,000psi) water jet, any material including steel & concrete can be cleanly cut without heat, sparks or distortion.

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Our pumps are used for a variety of process applications including pressure testing, pipeline flushing/testing, water injection, methanol injection and many more.

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Water Jetting brochure

Find out about our range of water jetting equipment - pumps, units and large range of accessories. The PDF Water Jetting brochure is also available in German, French and Czech languages.

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Process Pumps brochure

Find out about our range of process pumps, which cover a large range of applications.

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