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Surface cleaning

Clean virtually any surface

Surface cleaning using water jetting can be done on virtually any surface, remove any type of deposit & is very controllable. It can be as delicate or aggressive as required by adjusting pressure, flow, type of nozzle, stand-off distance & traverse speed.
Low volumes of water are used & unlike other methods such as grit blasting, there is minimal clean up after the job is done. Depending on the application, fresh or seawater can be used as the cleaning medium.

One advantage of water jetting equipment is that a typical contractor size pump (60lpm at 1000bar) can be used for a wide variety of cleaning applications by selecting the correct accessory. For example, if working in a refinery, the same pump can be used for heat exchanger cleaning, pipe cleaning, vessel cleaning, drain cleaning, cold cutting, surface preparation & general plant cleaning.


Depending on the application, fresh or seawater can be used as the cleaning medium

Benefits of Water Jetting

  • Removing dirt from construction site roads/plant
  • Runway cleaning
  • Removing grease deposits in refineries
  • Tank/vessel cleaning
  • Removing marine growth/loose paint from ships hulls
  • Building cleaning/graffiti removal
  • Removing klinker from cement plant kilns
  • Removing overspray paint in automotive paint shops
  • Railway line cleaning
  • Fettling castings in foundries
  • Removing concrete deposits from formwork/construction machinery
  • Cleaning rolls at paper plants
  • Descaling in steel plants

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