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Tank/vessel cleaning

Cleaning with ease

Any industry that uses tanks, vessels, autoclaves, driers etc. for mixing, processing or drying products can benefit by using a Hughes Pumps non-man entry, automatic tank/vessel cleaning system.

Historically personnel with PPE and breathing apparatus would enter the tank and manually clean using pressure washers. With more emphasis on Health and Safety, we have developed systems that include one of our high pressure pumpsets that feeds a tank cleaning nozzle which is water powered and rotates in two planes to bring about total, automatic cleaning of the entire tank surface. The nozzle has adjustable rpm which enables the cleaning cycle to be adjusted between 5-60 minutes.

The nozzle can be lowered into the tank from a hosereel and locked in position for the cleaning cycle. In larger tanks the nozzle can be fixed at 2 or 3 different heights.


Total, automatic cleaning of the entire tank surface

Benefits of Water Jetting

  • Non-man entry & totally safe
  • Best H&S practice
  • Environmentally friendly, only uses water
  • Reduced cleaning time
  • No chemicals to dispose of
  • Tanks of any diameter can be cleaned by using positioning booms to keep the nozzle close to the tank wall
  • The tank cleaning head is fully adjustable to ensure all surfaces are cleaned
  • High quality water jets can travel some distance
  • Water jets will not damage steel or glass lined vessels
  • The pump is versatile & can be used for other cleaning & cutting applications

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