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HP220 Design Update

We would like to announce some updates and improvements that have happened at Hughes Pumps in 2023. This year has been one for further improving our bareshaft pumps, branding, and presence online.  

 We had been working on creating a new website for the last few months of 2022 and launched it in March of this year. With this project, we wanted to modernize our look and improve user experience. The website is now easy to navigate, with information clear for users to find. The extra addition of a live chat feature, allows anyone to contact the sales team within minutes (available 9-5, Mon-Fri). Our full range of water jetting equipment – Bareshaft Pumps, Water Jetting Units, Accessories & Valves, have been given new technical datasheets. Available to download from our website – the new datasheets feature power, pressure & flow ratings for all bareshaft pumps and jetting units, making it easier to identify which equipment will best suit your needs. The whole Hughes team came together on this project as we needed drawings, technical information, and knowledge from each department to gather the information needed. 

multiple high pressure pumps in a test bay

To coincide with the website update, the model numbers of our bareshaft pumps have been updated. This update gives our model numbers more meaning, easily distinguishes each pump from one another, and better reflects their performance ratings. – For example; the HPS2200 is now HP220, which stands for “Hughes Pumps 220HP”. We hope this change makes our pumps easier to identify- helping customers to see which pump may suit their needs with ease. 


Our mid-range HP220 pump – which has long been our most popular – shares the same design features as all of our pumps which include but are not limited to; 

  • Extremely compact 
  • High power-to-weight ratio – due to the crankshaft being supported by four main bearings.
  • Pressure lubrication & oil cooling. 
  • Integral gearbox for efficient, maintenance-free speed reduction.
  • SAE engine housing allowing the pump & gearbox to be flange mounted to a diesel flywheel housing, ensuring perfect alignment & removal of all torsion for the pump baseframe. 

The HP220 has recently undergone an upgrade to improve access for maintenance and the versatility of its performance. The access to the plunger connection and crosshead seals has now been moved to the top of the pump instead of the bottom. This considerably simplifies maintenance – enabling any plunger seal leakage to be drained and collected. Flexible plunger and crosshead connections have been added which significantly extends the plunger seal life.

 The HP220 can be converted from High Pressure to Ultra High Pressure depending on what application it’s been used for. This means that one pump can be used for a wider variety of applications. The final change to the HP220 and our entire pump range is the paint colour. Pumps currently being manufactured will feature a lighter blue paint finish to further reflect our branding – matching the lighter blue colour featured in our logo. 

 At Hughes Pumps, we are consistently searching for ways that we can improve our customer’s experience and the quality of our product. From factory improvements – upgrading the floor and investing in a machine tending robot to reduce lead times, to changing the design of our pumps to make maintenance easier and improve performance. We hope these recent changes are proof of this mission. 

    multiple high pressure pumps in a test bay