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New DS-B Units

exterior shot of the hughes pumps factory in west sussex, UK
Introducing our new HP220 & UB30 DS-B (base) units, a model variant designed to be as simple, compact, lightweight, and competitive as possible. These units come with a range of design changes compared to the standard DS unit, including polypropylene water and fuel tanks, dual polypropylene water filter housings, and thinner section fabrications, resulting in a significant weight reduction of 300kg. Not only that, but these units also boast a compact design, featuring a 35% smaller footprint than its predecessor. Powered by a simple mechanical Doosan engine, these innovative units are specifically suitable for use in non-regulated regions of the world. What’s more exciting is that these modifications have led to a considerable cost decrease of 15%. 
We are pleased to announce that we currently have a single unit available from stock, equipped with a Doosan PU086T engine. This unit can be easily tailored to deliver impressive performances, including 
  • 65lpm at 1000bar
  • 49lpm at 1400bar 
  • 40lpm at 2000bar
  • 27lpm at 2800bar. 
For more detailed information, please refer to the below datasheets. If you would like further information, please contact us via our contact page