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Testing facility

multiple high pressure pumps in a test bay
The specialist testing facility within our factory allows us to fully test & certify that our pumps are working to our high standards. All pumps manufactured here are put through a 3-hour test cycle [Pressure/power raised in increments with the last 1.5 hours operated at full power] where around 20 different functions are monitored and logged including: Discharge pressure & flow, power, oil pressure, oil particulate, oil temperature, various critical surface temperatures & much more!
Our testing facility includes 4 rigs ranging from 30 to 375kW with variable frequency drives. This enables each pump in our varied range to be tested at its maximum design rating. The test process is closed loop with a water cooler meaning, no water is consumed during the test. We have held a ISO9001:2015 certification since 2004 which means we consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.
Each pump that is manufactured at our factory is assembled by a single, skilled fitter from start to finish and tested in our in-house facility with test results issued with each pump. Want to see this whole process for yourself? We offer witness testing to all customers purchasing a pump.