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To complement the pump sets, a comprehensive range of water jetting accessories is available to cover every high & ultra high pressure application:

  • Hand held jetting guns – land and underwater
  • Foot control valves
  • Unloader and diverter valves
  • Surface cleaning jets – pencil, fan and rotating
  • Pipe and tube cleaning jets – fixed and rotating/li>
  • Heat exchanger cleaning – manual and automatic
  • Tank cleaning heads
  • Floor, road and runway cleaning
  • Water abrasive blasting
  • High pressure hoses, flexible and rigid lances
abrasive system water jetting accessories

Abrasive Cutting System

A solution for cutting metal safely. Innovative cold cutting. Safe and sound. Pipe and tank cutting tasks.

 Max Working Pressure


Hose catchers water jetting accessories

Hose Catchers

Providing a safe way of cleaning pipes manually. For safe manual cleaning, easy mounting, ergonomic design and stainless steel construction.

 Max Working Pressure


Magtrack water jetting accessories


Versatile Magnetic Crawler for vertical (tank) cleaning. For UHP surface preparation. 4 wheel drive – remote controlled.

 Max Working Pressure


Nozzles water jetting accessories


A large range of nozzles for your water jetting projects. Each nozzle type has a wide variety of configurations, high efficiency with optimum spray patterns.

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rotocar water jetting accessories

Rotocar Cleaning System

Fast and effective cleaning with high operator safety. Rotates hose by air motor. Pushing and pulling made easy. For complex, bended pipe lines.

 Max Working Pressure


Runner nozzle water jetting accessories

Runner Nozzle

Tube cleaning nozzle for all tubes. The Runner Nozzle is a rotating tube cleaning nozzle, designed for cleaning heat exchanger tubes.

 Max Working Pressure


line cleaner nozzle water jetting accessories

Speed Regulated Line Cleaner

For cleaning pipes and vessels. Versatile speed regulated, unplugging and clearing of pipes.

 Max Working Pressure


pipe cleaner water jetting accessories

Speed Regulated Pipe Cleaner

For cleaning pipes and tubes. Removal of difficult scales on the inside of tubes and pipelines.

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