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Process Applications

Submersible (Subsea) Pumps

We supply many pumps for pumping seawater at high pressure. The pumpheads & wetted components are manufactured in 316 or duplex stainless steel to provide corrosion resistance.

water jetting gun being used for surface preparation

Pipeline Testing

We have a long history of supplying pumps for pipeline & process services to the oil, gas & petrochemical industries. We manufacture a wide range of pumps with the largest able to pressure test 60″ pipelines over tens of kilometers.

Flowlines Testing (HTCIS)

We have been supplying Hydrostatic Test & Chemical Injection Systems (HTCS’s) since 1999 to leading companies around the world to pressure test Flowlines during installation offshore to depths of 2000m.

steelworks machinery

Umbilical Testing (FHTU)

We have been supplying Flushing & Hydrostatic Test Units (FHTU’s) since 1999 to leading companies around the world to flush & pressure test umbilical’s during manufacturing onshore & installation offshore.

water jetting unit being use to test pipelines

Water Injection

Used onshore & offshore, injection wells are drilled into a reservoir & water injected at high pressure, thereby increasing reservoir pressure which moves the oil. The water used for this process is usually brine but can also be produced water from the well.

Methanol/Glycol Injection

We offer bareshaft pumps for system builders or customer designed packages suited for methanol & glycol injection. The pumps are extremely efficient and incorporate a high degree of safety.

steelworks machinery

Well Test

Hughes pumps have supplied equipment for use in oilfields operated by Karachaganak Petroleum Operating BV (KPO) in Kazakhstan as part of a solution to reduce flaring.

two water jetting guns in use on a boat


Water jetting at 1000bar removes these deposits while the train travels at speed. Our systems can also incorporate a friction enhancing
system which comprises a sandbased gel which is applied to the rails after cleaning to help trains gain adhesion.

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Water Jetting brochure

Find out about our range of water jetting equipment - pumps, units and large range of accessories. The PDF Water Jetting brochure is also available in German, French and Czech languages.

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